Stephanie Davisson

Reiki Master / Teacher


Now Taking Signups for the Spring Level 1 Class Starting March 5, 2019

Level 2 and 3 Refresher Classes in February 2019


My Classes Are Unique

My methods for teaching traditional Reiki are unique but very effective.  While I still maintain the traditional nature of the information being taught I teach it in a way that is easier for some to take in and use to transform their lives.  Read more about my teaching methods below.

A New Training Method

Reiki classes are taught in 3 levels. Traditionally, each level is a separate workshop with one attunement ceremony for each level.  Level 1 is usually taught in one 8-hour course; Level 2 and Level 3 are normally taught in a 2-day workshop. Tradition calls for at least 21-day absorption period between each level.   These short classes do not allow for a great deal of content to be taught.  Most of the technique is taught in supplemental classes that increases the cost of obtaining a Master certificate.

This is how I was taught and how those who taught me were taught.  But through my teaching experience, I found that the workshop method was not the most effective way for many to absorb the information.  So, I started thinking about creating a curriculum that taught Reiki the way I wish I had been taught. I found that if I broke down the class schedule into shorter units students could spend more time on the concepts and techniques. My courses are still structured in 3 levels but we move straight through the material without a break between levels. 

In addition to the 3 traditional levels, I have added a 4th level for those who want to teach Reiki to others.  I teach the 4th level by appointment when students feel they are ready to take this step.

New Attunement Process

The attunement process is a solemn event and can be quite beautiful and powerful as your Chakra are introduced to Reiki energy. The traditional attunement process opens a channel between the crown Chakra and the root Chakra and then connects the heart Chakra with the hand Chakra to allow Reiki energy to flow.  These four Chakra are attuned together in a single ceremony in traditional attunements. 

What the single attunement method doesn't take into account is that the attunement process alters your energetic DNA. It changes you in ways you may not understand and can cause discomfort as the physical and spiritual bodies adjust to these changes.  Over the years of attuning students in the traditional way I have come to the realization that if each chakra is attuned separately, it minimizes the detrimental effects of the attunement process.  It allows the recipient time to process the changes to their energetic and physical body without the 21 day waiting period.

When students have reached achievable benchmarks for each level an attunement ceremony is performed to move the student to the next level of development.  These attunements take place when dictated by the student's aptitude and dedication to demonstrating their proficiency in the material.  The number of attunements and when they occur is determined by the student and instructor during learning testing and assessments.

Level I

Apprentice Level

Level 1 is the beginning of an apprentice service.  We begin our Reiki journey with an overview of the history of Reiki and the healing properties of light energy.  You will begin healing yourself. 

Level 2

Practitioner Level

Level 2 provides the opportunity to build a deeper understanding of the energy healing process.  Each student will be given the first 3 Reiki symbols and be attuned to Level 2 energy.  

Level 3

Master Level

Level 3 is the last step on your journey toward becoming a Reiki Master. You will learn advanced techniques that enable you to reach deeper for greater healing results as well as ways to build a successful Reiki practice.  Each student will be attuned to Level 3 energy. 

Level 4

Teacher Level

Find within yourself a deep commitment to sharing Reiki with others and help to shape the next generation of Reiki Healers. You will learn how to build a curriculum that encourages the student toward personal growth. You will be given detailed instructions in performing Reiki attunements.  To receive the Master/Teacher certificate students must teach an introduction level course from their own curriculum and attune one person.