Stephanie Davisson

Reiki Master / Teacher

Reiki Master Experience

Stephanie learned energy movement first hand, in a unique and unusual setting, through her involvement with paranormal investigation teams.  Stephanie had an encounter with a negative entity that left her feeling drained of energy and unable to function in her daily life.  Through looking for a way to alleviate the adverse effects of this encounter she discovered Reiki.  After several Reiki sessions Stephanie was back to her normal vibrant and effervescent self.  This roused her curiosity.  What exactly is Reiki and how does it work.  

In 2009 she began her Reiki training.  At that time she viewed it from a paranormal investigation perspective.  How could Reiki be used to help earthbound spirits and those who suffer from spirit encounters.  As she continued her study and practice, she found that Reiki has unlimited uses and saw enormous results from it's application.

Stephanie opened SD Reiki Practice in 2012. After leaving Puget Sound Ghost Hunters, a team she founded in 2008, she continued to consult free of charge to paranormal teams and their clients.  Stephanie's Reiki practice grew steadily until 2015 when she joined with Vedic Astrology, Angela Pennington in founding Serenity Tree Healing, Inc. and opened a full service healing center and Metaphysical store (3 Silver Broomsticks) in Burien, WA.  

Stephanie continues to work and teach out of the 3 Silver Broomsticks offices and has pioneered a new revolutionary way of training Reiki Masters.  This method promotes an integrated hands-on approach with practical application that creates a transformative experience for the student.  

In addition to consulting with clients, Stephanie teaches a variety of subjects in the field of energetics and is currently developing new techniques.  Through personal work, Stephanie has learned the importance of evolving consciousness.  Her mission is help others develop their consciousness through energetic shifts and personal healing strategies.  When we heal ourselves we help heal the world. 


Healing Today, Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Teacher 

Reiki Training Program, Certified Advanced Insight Reiki 


International Association of Reiki Professionals, Member

Reiki Fellowship of Washington State, Member