Stephanie Davisson

Reiki Master / Teacher


Paranormal Experience

Stephanie Davisson has been involved in ghost hunting and paranormal research since she was a child living in a haunted house.  Her personal experiences at a very early age drove her desire to uncover the mysteries of the paranormal.  Stephanie is trained in both technical and psychic approaches to paranormal research.  Her strength lies in documentation with a strong emphasis on evidence collection and review.

She investigated as an independent investigator until 2005 when she joined the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (AGHOST).  In 2008, Stephanie left AGHOST to found Puget Sound Ghost Hunters (PSGH). As group president, Stephanie lead  investigations, coordinated with clients and organized events and outings.  Stephanie used her past experience with other groups to bring together a team that worked with the client to understand the nature of the phenomena reported.  In 2012 Stephanie stepped down from PSGH to pursue her Reiki career more fully.

Stephanie speaks at colleges, events and conferences.  She has also appeared in numerous print, radio and television stories about the paranormal and is a valuable resource for the media.  She continues her search for answers to the unknown and to promote a deeper understanding of the paranormal.


AGHOST Observer Director, 2006-2007

AGHOST Vice President, 2007-2008

PSGH President, 2008-2012

BTOWN Paranormal Vice President, 2016-2018

Washington State Membership Chair, United Paranormal International, 2011

Notable Investigations

Meeker Mansion, WA

Flavel Mansion, Astoria, OR

Seattle Underground, WA

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY

Villisca Axe Murder House, IA

Missouri Insane Asylum #2, MO

Speaking Engagements

The International College,  TX

Frostburg College, MD 

The University of Florida.

NW Paracon

Oregon Ghost Conference