Stephanie Davisson

Reiki Master / Teacher -- Paranormal Researcher

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About Stephanie

Stephanie learned energy movement first hand, in a unique and unusual setting, through her involvement with Advance Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma.  After many years of working paranormal investigations, her deep level of knowledge earned her speaking invitations at multiple colleges across the US. The colleges included, The International College in Laredo, TX, Frostburg College, MD and the University of Florida.  Additionally she was interviewed on a few local radio shows and blog talks.  From this experience, was born her interest in quantum Reiki and other healing modalities such as past life integration and color therapy. 

Stephanie is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Healing Today, Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Teacher 

Reiki Training Program, Certified Advanced Insight Reiki 

International Association of Reiki Professionals, Member

Reiki Fellowship of Washington State, Member

In addition to consulting with clients, Stephanie teaches a variety of subjects in the field of energetics and is currently developing new techniques.  Currently she is working on her Chromotherapy Certification. 

Through personal work, Stephanie has learned the importance of evolving consciousness.  Her mission is help others develop their consciousness through energetic shifts and personal healing strategies.  When we heal ourselves we help heal the world.